Research Updates


May 9, 2007

Is Your Protein Spiked? Part 1

You first heard about this topic from me in 1998. Now, it’s 2007…here we go again with the same dance, just a different song playing in the […]
August 1, 2005

Are Your Herbs Spiked? Part 2

On July 1st 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finally caught on to the age old trick of spiking herbs with dangerous drugs. The […]
March 9, 1999

Raw Ingredients Qualitative and Quantitative NIR

Qualitative and Quantitative Near Infrared Spectroscopic Evaluation of the Raw Ingredients for Health Foods and Nutritionals By Dr. Jeff Golini, All American Pharmaceutical, 2376 Main Street, […]
January 2, 1998

Are Your Herbs Spiked? Part 1

Scope: An herbal extract should be made by using “Herbal Standards for Extractions”. This age old process is time consuming and expensive. The higher the % […]