US #9,216,160, Europe #2763682

Studies & Information

What is Lyzme5®?

Design:  The compound referred to as Lyzme5® has demonstrated the propensity (in previous studies) to be directly involved in the breakdown, lysis and elimination of food-derived fats as well as assisting in the reduction of liver-derived lipids. This is an exciting discovery, which will aid the body in lowering overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Structural importance:  Lyzme5® can be classified as a unique trimethylated material. This compound's unique trimethylated structure makes it highly important in methyl group metabolism. Many important chemical events in the body are made possible by the transfer of methyl groups. For example, genes can be switch on or off (methylation or de-methylation) in this way, and cells-to-cell communication (i.e. membrane receptor site activation/competition) can be carried out via methylation.

Functional mechanism:  Dietary lipids are transported to the liver by lipoproteins called chylomicrons. In the liver, fat and cholesterol are packaged into lipoproteins called very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) for transport through the blood to the target tissues.

There are several mechanisms for Lyzme5®'s actions in the reduction of overall cholesterol. The first is the ability to reduce hepatic related lipids. Lyzme5® acts by interfering with hepatic storage and or lysis of lipids, assisting in 'chaperoning' lipid molecules from the liver, back into the blood stream. With an exercise program your body can now burn these lipids for energy, resulting in a reduction of body fat.

The second mechanism of cholesterol reduction is through inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Lowering cholesterol in hyperlipidemic individual is the first step in slowing the development of coronary artery disease.

Is Lyzme5® safe?

Two pre-clinical toxicity studies have been completed. There was no definitive histopathologic substance-related tissue toxicity confirmed for any of the samples.

Therefore Lyzme5® is completely safe for human consumption at recommended doses.