What is Taxadrol®?

Taxadrol® is the name given by All American Pharmaceutical for this botanical extract conglomerate. It is derived from several all natural sources. The bark and needles are extracted and constituents isolated to achieve the exact ratio of actives to get the job done.

How is it produced?

All American Pharmaceutical’s engineers went to work on building a very elaborate and technical extraction/isolation system. This system is able to extract and isolate the active constituents that are desired. The process uses thermal activation combined with solvent extraction and proprietary isolation methods.

Mechanism of Action

Since Mechanism of Action is a Drug Category, we can only hypothesize or give our opinion at this time as to how Taxadrol®works. It is un-proven Taxadrol® has shown some signs as an androgen receptor antagonist or activator.


Toxicity studies performed have shown Taxadrol® to be completely safe.


Pre-clinical and case studies performed have shown increased testosterone levels of 33% to 200%, depending on the subject’s age. The older the subject the better it seemed to work. Subjects also reported a increase in strength, felt harder due to loss of body fat, experienced increased libido, increased energy levels, and increases in lean muscle mass.


Taxadrol® is a non-prohormone, all-natural test activator that is safe, and, thus far in our initial trials, has been shown to increase testosterone levels, increase strength and lean muscle, increase energy, and decrease body fat.