EFX Sports™ Continues Partnership With Billings Wolves Football for 2016 Season

EFX Sports™ Continues Partnership With Billings Wolves Football for 2016 Season

EFX Sports™ announces its continued partnership and support as the Billings Wolves Indoor Professional Football (IFL) organization official title sponsor for the 2016 season, says Dr. Jeff Golini, Executive Formulator for EFX Sports™, a globally-recognized brand of Billings-based All American Pharmaceutical that specializes in high-end sports nutrition products.

Ending its inaugural season with a 5-9 record and winning its last four of five games, the Billings Wolves set individual game team records and beat the IFL playoff champions Nebraska Danger with a 60-50 win, in the regular-season finale for both teams.

“While we aspire for the Wolves to make and win the 2016 championship game next season, we are excited to continue working with each player to reach their full potential through the use of the EFX Sports supplements,” says Dr. Golini. “With each game this past season, we certainly could see the players’ improvement and enjoyed the community connectivity the partnership provided.”

Billings Wolves General Manager Marc Burr says the team’s final record alone didn’t reflect the highly energized improvement exhibited by the players as the season progressed. Rookie quarterback Darakatalib (Dak) Britt set career highs and team records in the final game and has signed to play next season with the Wolves.

“Our guys were just starting to click on all cylinders and by being fueled by the EFX Sports KarboLyn®, on the sidelines and during practice, we could see their endurance and recovery improve each game,” Burr says. “Our lineman continued to get stronger every week using the EFX Sports products, which exceeded our expectations.”

EFX Sports™ guarantees its products are 100 percent drug-free and the highest quality, meeting all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. All American Pharmaceutical EFX Sports™ is best known for its flagship products Kre-Alkalyn® EFX and Karbolyn®.

Their supplements are sold in health food stores and gyms here in Billings and nationwide.