Major workout supplement made in Magic City

Major workout supplement made in Magic City

By Aja Goare – Q2 News – BILLINGS

A perfect work out can take a mix of motivation, time, and effort.

But for some, it’s workout supplements that gets them geared up.

For those who do take supplements, it may come as a surprise that those fitness boosters are made right here in Billings.

Energy, speed, endurance, All American Pharmaceutical CEO Jeff Golini says the supplements are endless.

“It can be everything from high end sports nutrition to pet nutrition to general nutrition,” said Golini. “You name it, we probably have done it or are doing it here.”

The company, located here in Montana, ships products like the patented Kre-alkalyn all over the world, but Golini said Montanans probably haven’t heard of it.

“We’re the best kept secret in Montana,” said Golini. “You can find our product in 49 states almost any retail outlet. You can go to any place in the country, but you’ll have a hard time finding it in Montana.”

Golini is launching a grassroots campaign to change that and a buffed up grant from the Big Sky EDA will likely help.

“We just received a really nice grant for $175,000,” said Golini. “We’re getting ready to export baby formula to China.”

It wasn’t always Golini’s idea to make baby formula to ship to China.

He began this business venture as a young bodybuilder, lifting weights on Muscle Beach in Los Angeles.

“And I had an idea back then we were eating protein that was really bad tasting, it was milk and egg and really disgusting,” he said. “So I had an idea that if I could find someone to press these into tablets it would be easier for me to use them.”

His idea grew and soon he had a market to sell.

Golini brought lifted the roots of this company from LA and planted in Billings more than a decade ago.

The company now employs 100 workers.

“People are real here, it’s a good state and they take a lot of pride in what they do where in a lot of big cities, it’s just a job, they really don’t care about the output so quality was the most important thing, so I really like this state.”

The company’s products can be found in town at GNC, as well as Yellowstone Fitness.