July 21, 2017

Science For Humans #2055: The Current State of Bodybuilding

What’s going on with bodybuilding these days? Dr. Golini shares his thoughts on the sport today and where he thinks it might go in the future.
March 27, 2017

Science For Humans #2009: Question From Barry Out Of Michigan

It seems like everyone is fixated on promoting the vegan diet. But when it’s promoted to bodybuilders… it raises some eyebrows.
March 18, 2017

Science For Humans #2005: Improving Stage Presence and Performance

If you’re planning on doing a physique competition this is a must-hear interview.
March 4, 2017

Science For Humans #1997: Chasing The Pump

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say the pump is better than sex. One thing is for sure, the pump helps to build bigger muscles. Learn all the […]
February 23, 2017

Science For Humans #1993: Dr. Jeff Wants to Change the Direction of Bodybuilding

Dr. Jeff owes much if not all of his success to bodybuilding. He wants to change the sport because he feels that Bodybuilders are the greatest […]
October 5, 2016

Science For Humans #1929: 16 Weeks to Shredded and Muscular

Simplified plan of what to eat and when for a 16-week diet to get you ready to step on stage or just look like you can.