November 14, 2018

SFH #2271: Can Dogs Detect Cancer?

Science is finding dogs may be able to detect cancers even earlier than available testing methods. Listen now!
June 20, 2018

SFH 2208: Any Alcohol Consumption Associated With Greater Risk of Cancer

A recent study of close to 100,000 participants shows a clear correlation that the risk of cancers increases with the more alcohol one consumes and there […]
January 31, 2018

SFH 2141: New Study Claims Cholesterol Causes Cancer

A new study by UCLA has the nation in an uproar. What do we really know about cancer and cholesterol and where they intersect?
January 13, 2015

Third Research Article Published As AAP Moves Into A New Phase Of In-House, Cancer-Related Research

BILLINGS, Mont. Dr. Jeff Golini’s latest research article, “Buffered Vs. Non-Buffered Aliphatic Fatty Acids And Their Anti-Proliferative Effects In Human Tumor Cell Lines”, has been accepted […]
April 9, 2014

Study: Effects of Kre- Celazine® In Human Tumor Cell Lines

Buffered Vs Non-Buffered Aliphatic Fatty Acids and their Anti-Proliferative Effects in Human Tumor Cell Lines Jeff Golini, Wendy Jones, MS All American Pharmaceutical, Billings, MT and […]