May 30, 2017

Science For Humans #2033: Dr. Jeff’s Health Book Series

How do you preserve and raise testosterone naturally? This free book will teach you.
June 8, 2016

Science For Humans #1874: Listener Question – Is Test Charge Safe For Teens?

Are testosterone boosters a good idea for teenagers? How is Taxadrol different than other testosterone boosters and why?
November 18, 2015

Science For Humans #1763: The Truth Behind Testosterone Boosters

Do testosterone boosters really work? How do they work? Are they safe? Which ones should I trust?
September 20, 2015

Study: Effects of Taxadrol®On Testosterone Levels In Two Species

The Effect of a Natural Compound (Taxadrol®) On Testosterone Levels In Two Species Jeff Golini, Ph.D. All American Pharmaceutical, Billings, Montana Background Taxadrol® is a mixture […]