August 5, 2016

Study: Effects of Karbolyn® On Blood Sugar Response Time

A Placebo-Controlled Double-Blind Pilot Study: Blood Sugar Response by Normal, Pre-diabetic, and Type 2 Non-insulin Dependent Diabetic Volunteers to KarboLyn® or a Glucose Drink During Aerobic […]
June 22, 2016

Science For Humans #1882: Catching Up With Wade Johnson

Karbolyn was a game-changer at the Ogre Compound.
April 13, 2016

Science For Humans #1844: Our Fascination With Sugary Sports Drinks

Energy drinks have gone the way of the energy bar. Way too much sugar and not enough of the things you really need to power through […]
December 2, 2015

Science For Humans #1771: How Do High Molecular Weight Carbs Work?

A listener question prompted a discussion about high molecular weight carbohydrate supplements and how they compare to Karbolyn.
October 14, 2014

All American® Pharmaceutical Announces Expansion

BILLINGS, Mont. Coupled with the recent announcement that they will be doing clinical studies on one of their products to gauge its impact for pre-diabetic individuals, […]
July 1, 2014

MBRCT Grant Awarded to All American Pharmaceutical

BILLINGS, Mont. All American® Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corporation (Billings, Montana) has just received a grant in the amount of $80,000.00 from the Montana Department of […]