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October 10, 2018

SFH 2253: Is It Time We Change The Way We Measure Blood Pressure?

The blood pressure monitoring cuff was invented in 1896. Why haven't we found a more accurate way to measure blood pressure 120 years later? Listen now!
October 3, 2018

SFH 2250: Why Rapid Weight Loss Diets Cause Long-term Health Consequences

Do rapid weight loss diets possibly cause long-term health issues? A new study from Georgetown University seems to say so. Is it true? Listen now!
September 26, 2018

SFH 2246: 14 Exercises To Avoid After 50 Examined

A recent article says there are 14 exercises you avoid after 50, which made most gym warriors do a double take. Is it valid? Listen now!
September 19, 2018

SFH 2244: Study Finds Long-Term Keto Diet May Cause Pancreatic Failure

Can a long-term Keto Diet lead to Pancreatic failure? A new study seems to show this is the case. Find out more. Listen now!
September 5, 2018

SFH 2238: Does Exercise Affect Menopause Onset?

Research says that exercise both speeds and slows the onset of menopause. A new study now says it has zero effect. So what's the right answer? Listen now!
August 29, 2018

SFH 2236: Post-Workout Muscle Building Blunted in Obese Adults

Obese people not only have more fat but also more muscle. Unfortunately, their protein synthetic response to exercise is blunted. Find out why. Listen now!